About Us

House of Hooray Cheshire was founded by sisters Tanya and Krystal and their best friend Hayley who share a passion for creativity and stylish things.

It all started when planning for our best friends baby shower back in August 2017 being a little bit extra (which we all are) we wanted to create the perfect pintrest party but struggled to find what we were looking for locally, it was at that moment we realised there was a niche in the market for what we wanted to create, so we suppose this is were the story began.

After months of research, long hours and a few training courses along the way here we are today.

House of Hooray Cheshire has taken us further than we could have ever of imagined from creating personalised bespoke balloons to styling celebrity parties we have even made it onto a few tv shows along the way.

We can truly say we have found our passion.

Our Mission

Is to provide ourselves on our fantastic customer experience, what matters to us most is how to style you events in which memories are made

Our Promise

Is to turn your dreams into reality by delivering on trend bespoke balloons for every occasion to give that WOW factor

Our Vibe

Is to provide you with honest help and advice whilst planning your event.